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Post Construction clean

If you are well become an architect, number of things should be considered before the site has given to customer (or client). The things which are mentioned below if it's presence while seeing the site should make the customer unsatisfactory. The things are paint, cement etc., while applying the walls and corners of windows/doors dots will occurred in the floor. The unwanted things removed by using branded materials and chemicals before handling to customer.

Carpet/Upholstery shampooing

Whenever a customer/working professional when they come for sit in upholstery even while entering into site particularly during tiredness condition / working hours due to presence of dust particles, moisture etc., it may cause health/ nuisance related issue including pesticides. Due to that, it will create unsatisfactory for customer /working employees. To solve this problem, we are making into good environment life based on removal of dust particles etc.

Floor Care-Polishing,Scrubbing

Floors like marbles, granite, tiles, mosaic etc., which is cleaned with the help of odorless chemicals by well trained cleaners using wet scrubbing, dry mobbing, and vaccum cleaner without defects the floors. It will make durability / reliability of marbles etc., into original formation of floor how you're implemented while during built the house.

Overhead Tank & Sump cleaning,

What happens if you can store the water everyday into tank and sump if it's not cleaned regularly there is a formation of algae, fungus etc., it leads to contamination of water. We are having well expert cleaners they can capable to remove all kinds of formation.

Deep clean

Our expert cleaners implement all the above mentioned different parts (named) of cleaning apart from which is not mentioned above like fans, lights, glass, all fittings in walls etc., to make good environment leads to deep cleaning also represents as cyclic cleaning as this many people preferred today.

Restroom & Kitchen clean

Using branded chemicals with experimentally tested which does not defects the materials in the absence of odors into good environment by our expert cleaners.

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